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Before Mae Jemison became an astronaut, shestudied/had studiedsciencefor many years(The sentence makes it sound as if theworkersoriginally consisted of separated military fortifications.)Correct: The Great Wall of China, originally consisting of separated military fortifications,was constructed by thousands of workersAnswers that include more complicated tenses (would have done, will have gone) are virtually always wrong.2.Present perfect and Past perfectYou should alsohave some basic familiarity with two additional tenses.Present perfect has/have + verbIt doeshowever,have some very modern parts.Incorrect: London is a very old cityBefore a coordinating conjunction to join two full sentencesCoordinating Conjunctions, aka FANBOYS:For, And, Nor, But, Or, Yet, SoAndandbutare the two most popular conjunctions;soandyetappear rarely, andorandnoralmost never do.Correct: London is a very oldcity, butsome parts of it are extremely modern.Correct: London is a very oldcity, andit is very appealing to tourists as a result.2MonumentsComparatives and SuperlativesComparative adjective + -ER or MORE + adjective (better, stronger, more interesting)Superlative adjective + -EST or MOST + adjective (best, strongest, most interesting)When -ER is used, MORE should not be used as well.When -EST is used, MOST should not be used as well.Incorrect: Mexican folk art exerted amorestrongerinfluence on Frida Kahlos paintings than Surrealism did.Correct: Mexican folk art exerted astrongerinfluence on Frida Kahlos paintings than Surrealism did.VIIACT (3)Students (11)The Mental Game (17)The New SAT (55)Time Management (7)Tutoring (19)Tutors (7)Uncategorized (9)Vocabulary (10)Favorite LinksBarry Garelick on Common Core MathCogito Zero SumThe Crisis in Education (Hannah Arendt)Critical Thinking: Why is it So Hard to Teach? A Dons Life (Mary Beards Blog)Educational Jargon GeneratorEduBabble Bingo English is Not Normal Everybody is Stupid Except YouThe Fluency FactoryGary Saul Morson on Anna KareninaHow I Rewired My Brain to Become Fluent in MathLetter Against Learning Styles Mercedes Schneiders EduBlogMIT Admissions BlogReflections on Liberal EducationThe Revenge of K-12 EducationSeven Myths About EducationSilent StopWatch (non-beeping stopwatch for standardized tests)The Usefulness of Brief Instruction in Reading Comprehension Strategies What David Coleman Doesnt Know About LiteratureWhy a Great Individual is Better than a Good Team 2017 Erica L


.an enormously huge undertaking on a large enormous undertaking, which occurred on a very large enormous undertakingThe correct answer, D, can be determined with near certainty simply bylength.II.Parallel Structure1(Londonhas some extremely modern parts.)The same goes for single words:Incorrect: London is a very old cityNote that in this case, the colon is grammatically identical to a period or semicolonQuestions involving these words/phrases normally test meaning rather than grammar and include the commas.Commas should NOT be used:1When any of these punctuation marks is grammatically acceptable, you will not be asked to choose between them.V.DASHES1Paragraphs in the present should stay in the present; paragraphs in the past should stay in the pastMany tourists visit London and Paris to visit museums


Note that many questionscan be answered visually you can start with the assumption that the shortest answer will be correct, then check it out to be safe.The construction of the Great Wall of China wasan enormous undertaking that occurred on a very large scaleand required over 3,000 workers.Awhom only in the forms outlined belowFor example, the incorrect version above could be rewritten as follows:London is a very old cityIn 1983, shewon the award in Physiology or MedicineHas many modern buildings


Between Subjects and VerbsNo comma should be usedeven when the subject is very long.Incorrect:The oldest surviving bridge inLondon, isRichmond Bridge, which was completed in 1777.Correct:The oldest surviving bridge inLondon isRichmond Bridge, which was completed in 1777.4.Between Compound Elements (Nouns, verbs, adjectives, etcPopular Tags: The Latest Non-essential clauses are always surrounded by commas.Incorrect: Londonwhich is a very old city,has some extremely modern parts.Incorrect: London, which is a very old cityhas some extremely modern parts.Correct: London, which is a very old city,has some extremely modern partsWord Pairs(N)either(n)orNot onlybut (also)AsasWhen one of these pairs of words appears in a sentence, the other must appear as well.Incorrect:Not only did Mae Jemison study science as a girl growing up in Chicago,andshe (also) studied ballet.Correct:Not only did Mae Jemison study science as a girl growing up in Chicago,butshe(also) studied ballet.VIII.Who, Which, and WhomNote: The ACT, and presumably the new SAT as well, tests who vsThe underlined verb must match the other verbs.Incorrect: Painter Frida Kahlo (1907-1954)wasbest known for her portraits.Sheisstrongly influenced by indigenous Mexican culture, as revealed byher use of bright colors and dramatic symbolismYou can then use filters to fine tune your results


Always start by checking the tense of the verbs in the sentence in question, as well as the surrounding sentences (before/after)Between two full sentences (independent clauses)When two stand-alone sentences are joined by a comma, the result is known as acomma spliceTense ConsistencyAlways keep verb tense consistent with that of other verbs in the paragraphE.gBefore a listIncorrect: On our trip to London, we visited: museums, palaces, and monuments.Correct: On our trip to London, we visited thesetourist attractions:museums, palaces, and monuments.2Whom before a verb = wrongIncorrect: Frida Kahlo was an artistwhomearnedrenown for her portraits.Correct: Frida Kahlo was an artistwhoearned renown for her portraits.3Between a dependent clause and an independent clause when the dependent clause comes first.Dependent clauses are clauses that cannot stand on their own as full sentencesAdverbOn the ACT, adjectives and adjectives are switched.Incorrect: The monkey, a traditional Mexican symbol, appearsfrequentin Frida Kahlos paintings.Correct:The monkey, a traditional Mexican symbol, appearsfrequentlyin Frida Kahlos paintings.Remember that adverbs modify adjectives: -LY, no -LY; two -LYs in a row are almost always wrong.Incorrect: In the Chinese zodiac, people born under the sign of the monkey are thoughtto benaturally curiously.Correct: In the Chinese zodiac, people born under the sign of the monkey are though to benaturally curious.2Comma splices are always incorrect.Tip-off: comma + pronoun (it, they, s/he, one, you, I)Incorrect: London is a very oldcity, ithas someextremely modern parts.Correct: London is a very oldcity c16eaae032

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